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Albert Pike Lodge No. 303, Wichita

Ben Hur Lodge No. 322, Kansas City

Cedar Lodge No. 103, Chanute

De Soto Lodge No. 40, De Soto

Derby Lodge No. 365, Derby

Euclid Lodge No. 101, Lyndon

Gardner Lodge No. 65, Gardner

Golden Rule Lodge No. 90, Topeka

Grand Lodge of Kansas

The Grand Lodge of Kansas is the governing body of Freemasonry in Kansas, formed March 17, 1856, nearly five years before Kansas statehood.

Hancock Lodge No. 311, Fort Leavenworth

Hays Lodge No. 195, Hays

Inner Quest Lodge No. 456, Shawnee

Johnson Lodge No. 441, Johnson City

Joppa Lodge No. 223, Leon

Kilwinning Lodge No. 265, Pratt

King Solomon Lodge No. 10, Leavenworth

Kansas CHIP is an organization of Kansas Masons, community volunteers, and sponsors. Together we bring cities the tools to better prepare a family. Kansas Masons are committeed to helping the families of missing children by providing completed packages to the parents or guardians for free.

Lafayette Lodge No. 16, Manhattan

Lawrence Masonic Center, Lawrence

Lenexa Lodge No. 135, Lenexa

Newton Lodge No. 142, Newton

Olathe Lodge No. 19, Olathe

Old Mission Lodge No. 153, Prairie Village

Orient Lodge No. 51, Topeka

Ottawa Lodge No. 18, Ottawa

Overland Park Lodge No. 436, Overland Park

Parsons Lodge No. 117, Parsons

Pittsburg Lodge No. 187, Pittsburg

Prudence Lodge No. 100, Columbus

Shawnee Lodge No. 54, Shawnee

St Francis Lodge no.404, St Francis

The site you are on right now.

Sunflower Lodge No. 86, Wichita

Tyrian Lodge No. 246, Garden City

Union Lodge No. 7, Junction City

Unity Lodge No. 273, Clearwater

Wyandotte Lodge No. 3, Kansas City

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